In 1999, six French and American visionaries with international education and professional experience, realized the enormous opportunity of the new internet business world. They realized organizations working with tourism and expatriate markets need communication, and advertising services. They believed in the international implications of the internet. Today, the statistics on globalization confirm that vision.

There have been many challenges for international markets since 1999. The financial crisis of 2000, the terrorist attacks in 2001, French bashing in 2002, swings in monetary values, the recent international recessions and recent natural disasters have negatively impacted the stability and facility of international commerce and tourism.


Working with Capricorn ensures that someone will always be available for your needs. Human values are a priority. You will always have a person answering the phone, Capricorn offers very flexible and adaptable services. We base our relations on transparency, effectiveness, and an essential relationship of mutual trust.

Documents and services are provided by professionals who know the language and culture of the markets you want to prospect.


Over the years, Capricorn has established relations of trust and privileged exchanges with all partners.

Capricorn selects appropriate media and solutions to meet client expectations taking into consideration legal rules and targeted demographics of the audiences. Ads are tracked by a third party for independent monitoring, insuring your confidence in your results. Mostly results overpass goals.

We analyze media performance before making customized recommendations.

Capricorn's has high levels of customer satisfaction based on campaign statistics and reflected in years of long-term collaborations.

Capricorn is an active member of the Franco American Chamber of Commerce